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Tuesday, 8-Jan-2013 07:25 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Only Nifty Cases Match iPhone

A study by Strategy Analytics shows that 23.5 percent of US consumers are likely to buy an iPhone in 2013, 21.6 percent want an Android smartphone, 17.4 percent want a portable PC, and 15.3 percent plan on getting an iPad. Other options are connected or smart TV, digital camera, blu-ray disc player, E-reader, iPod, Wii U, PS3, etc.
What does this figure mean to you? You are not a an analyst and don't care what digital devices other people want to buy. But it help when you want to buy presents for friends. An iPhone is too expensive as a presents you will say. But after you know your friends want an iPhone or another devices, you could prepare some gifts which suits for the device like iPhone cases or accessories.

There are so many accessory vendors offer interesting iPhone cases for consumers like cheap iphone 5 armband, mobile power, etc. Although variety of accessory vendors is a good thing, but some of the accessories are really failure of design, so many people form the stereotype that iPhone cases are all sh*t. Here I will introduce some successful design which I appreciate the aesthetic.
You may see smart cover on iPad a lot of times, but have you ever seen an iPhone smart cover? Most time I run around with my iPhone naked because I never saw some accessories match it until I saw this smart cover. I love the idea. I used to put my iPhone in pocket with my keys, and the screen could be scratched. Scratch or Ugly appearance? It always makes me hard to choose. Smart cover keeps most of original design open for eyes to see, just protecting the screen. When you want to use it, just turn the smart cover to another side of the phone. It's simple, nifty, and most important, its philosophy match Apple's. You can use this case to prop the phone up horizontally to watch a movie too, this feature just like best iphone 5 car mount when you use the smart cover in your car.
I have no idea whether this case offended the patent of Apple, but Apple will not be happy if this case is too popular, or even sue the designer of this case. There is another possibility that Apple take over the case and sell it themselves. That's not good for designer, but doesn't matter for us consumers. However, I hope there will be some crazy accessory vendor design some great iPhone case not just some iPhone 5 mobile power, so we don't have to choose between scratching and bad design.

Sunday, 30-Dec-2012 06:56 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Three Reasons Why Android Phone is Worthy to Buy

As we all know, although iPhones are very popular with the world, there are still many people have to give up because of the high price. In that case, people desire to find some phones which have similar design and performance with iPhone but with cheaper price. It is absolutely wise to choose the Android phone, because android system is the only one can complete again with iOS. With the development of the android system, the latest system has been developed with many latest designs. More important is that the price is still reasonable. Android phones are really worthy for the value.
As iPhone's innovation failed to bring too much surprise to people and must need a battery case for iPhone 5, there is a growing number of people choose the Android phone. It is true that android has gained some achievement in design and performance under the effort of the developer. Even there are many branded phone manufactures have applied to this system, such as Samsung, Sony and more. Nowadays, China Android phones are here and there and are produced in different color and size, but there are still some people are doubted about the phone. There are three reasons why Android phones are worthy to buy.
More Apps for Free
Nowadays, phones are not just a tool to communicate with others, and they are more like our life helper. No matter we encounter problem in work or just want to have some entertainment after long working time, you will ask help from the phones. Thanks to many profession apps for study and interesting apps for entertainment for free on the Android market, you can easily to get access to them with the phones.
High Quality Camera
Camera with high quality is very important to our life. We may want to take a picture when we come across the beautiful scenery or awesome performance. As long as the high quality camera can have great picture, but it is a little troublesome take our digital camera everywhere. Therefore, android phone with high quality camera will be best for you.
All in all, Android phones become more and more popular with young people and have a trend to be popular with elderly people. If you have not deiced yet whether you should buy cheap cell phones, you will make a decision after reading the three reasons why buy android is worthy.

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Best Features of Latest Android Tablet PC

It is obvious that Chinese tablets have played an important role in our life. We have got used to take out tablet to office, class or shopping in case we have a journey on the bus or waiting for check out. As we all know that tablet system will be updated every year to catch up with pace of time, but it is a little impossible to change a new tablet. Actually, it is not necessary to do that. If you want to have updated tablet system, you just upgrade your tablet system. Here introduce the best features of latest android tablet.
Integrated GPS
As the tablet is easier to take out, we often take the tablet out even travel. With GPS, it is easier and more convenient to give you right information about your location. Because the information in GPS is changeable, it is essential to remember to upgrade the system in time. In that case, you will never worry to about to get lost in strange city. You can also help you find the restaurant or hotel when you are at a place where you are not familiar.
Fast Processing System
With the development of the technology, android system has been improved a lot. You can browse the web smoothing. In order to cater to the need of the old, android system also has been simplified and is possessed of easy operation. Therefore, the old people also can use the table under the simple instruction. Now android tablet has easy and smooth operation. If you want to protect the tablet, you also prepare a case for it like 7 inch tablet cases.
More Free Apps
Android always has the reputation of having excellent apps for free. As a result, there are more and more people choose the tablet. Under the effort of a great many developers, there are more and more important and excellent apps have been developed for free. There are many apps for educational, law, study or other professional apps and entertainment apps for you. You can choose the apps according to your need.
As the matter of the fact, there are many other amazing features of latest android tablet. No matter you want the GPS or easy operation in smooth way or more free apps, you can find what you need in the latest tablet. There are many best tablets under 100 on the Chinese market, so you just find a best tablet with small budget.

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Killer Tablets under 100 dollars

There is saying that cheap is always along with poor quality on the market. Tablet is not strange for us since iPad was launched into market. It is a fact the tablet changes our lifet, no matter on business or on entertainment. Thanks to the Chinese tablets, you will never feel boring when you are waiting for bank in long line up. In addition, you can send email when you are on the airport. Tablet makes our life more convenient and simple.
Although almost everyone admire the iPad, it is not easy to get one because of high price. It is true that it is not wise to buy a cheap tablet with poor quality. Therefore, how to buy best tablets under 100? Here are some instructions to tell you how to get it.

First of all, you can target some tablets in the internet according to your budget. Nowadays, there are many tablets with different prices on online shop, and you can filter the search result after setting the price. You can get the basic choice for tablet with the budget. Although you have not much money to buy a tablet, there still are some better relatively tablet if you are patient enough to search and compare.
Secondly, decide the specification of the tablet. When you choose the tablet, you should take many things into consideration, such as performance, size, screen display, and functions and so on. As for size, there are 7-inch, 10-inch and 14-inch for your choice. If you want to take it with you everywhere, you can choose the smallest one for convenient taking out. If you want to choose the one to enjoy video when staying at bed, the largest one will be fit your choice. Generally speaking, the higher the price is, the higher performance is. Therefore, if you hope your tables have smooth operation, you can choose the expensive relatively among the cheap tablet.
Thirdly, the reviews about the tables are worthy for reference when you are making comparison between tablets. Some people will share their shopping and using experience on tablet with others on the internet, so you can have a look at the review and then make a decision.
After search and comparison, you can make a decision to choose the tablet you want. When you finally determine to get the tablet, you can also buy some tablet accessories for your tablet such as cheap tablet keyboard case and tablet case, which can protect your tablet.

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Best designed iPad accessories

It's not just a protection to your iPad, the iPad case is also the ideal method to hold around your iPad. It not only holds the iPad with a great security but also oblige in just the exact places. Weight of iPad is not light, so when we use it to watch movie and any other stuff what will take a lot of time would pain our hands. iPad accessories can make the device in a perfect position for best experience.
Thanks to the shift to Lightning connectors, iPads are now split between the world of 30-pin and Lightning accessories and charging cables. Apple sells two versions of 30-pin-to-Lightning adapters ($39 each): one a tiny plug, the other a longer cable. Both can be used for charging, syncing, and data transfer like SD card camera importing, but not for video output. Third parties are selling less-expensive options on sites on Amazon, thankfully, because $40 is a lot to pay for a dongle...but we haven't vetted those out here yet. You only need one of these if you have cheap ipad accessories you don't won't to part with. For many others, getting a Lightning-to-Micro-USB adapter ($19) might make a lot more sense.

A capacitive stylus isn't technically necessary (you could always use your fingers), but for sketch artists, extensive PDF annotators, or Draw Something addicts, cheap iPad mini cases like a good stylus is indispensable. Adding a pen to that stylus? Even better. The Wacom Bamboo Stylus duo ($39) adds a ballpoint pen and extends the barrel length of the already excellent original Bamboo Stylus ($29). A well-weighted, comfortable feel and a rubberized stylus tip are worth the investment, and the pen means one less item in your bag.
You can buy good quality cheap ipad 3 cases speakers and attach them to the iPad when the built-in speakers are delivering what you want or need. You can do this when you want to play music out loud, for everybody, and headphones are not an option. Everybody can hear the audio this way, which is great if they are watching a video on the iPad. You can any speaker depending on your budget and the kind of quality you are expecting. If you're looking for some awesome sound to come out of your iPad, just shop around a bit and get an idea of what works for you.
There are many accessories for the iPad that can expand its excellent capabilities which make your perfect devices better. Some of these accessories are made by Apple(Smart cover is the best iPad case ever), while others are made by third party companies. It's can't be true that all the smartest designers are in Apple, so third party accessories can be good too. The iPad accessories we've covered in this article are by no means the only ones worth considering, but they are some of the more popular ones.

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